Thursday, December 13, 2007



December 14th

Miranda's story is told -- it took a six am start, but I made it and it is at this very moment perched on my editor's desk and today, my friends, I did a little housework, caught up on phone calls and messed about a bit. Tomorrow I have to begin a short story I promised a year ago, get some shopping done.
And maybe think about trimming a tree or two.

Meanwhile, the winner of HER WISH-LIST BRIDEGROOM is Laura from North Carolina; the book is in the post, although it's past the last posting date for Christmas, Laura, so it might take a while.

Snookie says she's read all the books in the competition so far so I've dug to the bottom of the pile and come up with one of the few copies I have of Book # 1 -- AN IMAGE OF YOU for today's prize

This pitches Georgette, a feisty feminist who takes a proactive approach to her beliefs, and Lukas, a man who takes a no nonsense view of business. They've already had one decidedly memorable encounter so when fate installs them in a tent together in the middle of a Kenyan Game Park, all you can do is stand back and wait for the sparks to fly.

For a chance to win this book email me at liz with Day Fourteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body and the name of one of my "Christmas" titles.

See you tomorrow!


Snookie said...

Hey Liz, Twas Penn that said she had read all the books you've posted so far. I have to admit I've read most of them. I am looking for back books though. For some reason I missed the "wild" trilogy :( Found them on Amazon though. I'm going to check out some used book stores before I resort to paying shipping costs though!

Jan Jones said...

Well done on Miranda, Liz!

I too have to go out and get a tree today, then clamber up to the loft to find the trimmings.

Snookie - Wild Justice that I won a couple of days ago is a lovely fat book! I've had to wrap it up as an extra present for my birthday (Christmas Eve) so I won't get distracted from all the stuff I should be doing in the next week!

Liz Fielding said...

Sorry, Snookie, sorry, Penn! I've had a solid eight hours, haven't had to get up and wrestle with Miranda and Jago and I have shopping to look forward to. Today, the brain is back in business!

Jan! You're a Christmas Eve baby. That's so special. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. And yes WJ is (including the chapter of Wild Lady you have at the end) a full 100,000 words.

Jacqueline said...

LOL at wrapping the book up Jan! I know what you mean though, it's really hard to resist a book you know you'll like when it's sitting out there staring at you :)

Happy early birthday, I'll never remember on Christmas eve:)

Liz, no problem, you don't have to be sorry about it, Iknow Miranda was giving you a lot of pressure. I'll bet you're glad you've got that turned in to your editor :)

Jacqueline said...

oops I used my other google account and it uses my legal name Jacqueline. Everyone (including work) calls me Snookie :)