Sunday, December 09, 2007



10th December

I am Zahir al Khalid and Liz has asked me to reassure you that Diana is safe. She is! I swear it!

Look, I know what you're all thinking. That I'm some kind of unresconstructed nineteenth century throwback who's kidnapped Diana and carried her off and installed her as part of my hareem.

Oh, please. That word. Peel your eyebrows off the ceiling...

I'd stay and give you a language lesson, but I don't have time. I'm in London to launch my new airline. Diana and I... Well, I have to go home and choose a suitable bride. As for Diana, she's made it clear that she has her own life. Which is good. I'm happy for her. Really... And she'll be home as soon as all the fuss has died down. On my honour.

Since she's busy Liz has also asked me to draw the winner of the Day Eight question. The answer was The Temp & the Tycoon -- it's right there on the sidebar of the blog, except apparently the picture has disappeared for some unaccountable reason -- and it was Christy, in Utah, whose name I drew from the hat. Congratulations, Christy. Liz will post the book first thing on Monday morning.

Behind Day Ten in this Advent Calendar I have found this book.

WILD JUSTICE, Liz tells me was the first book of three longer books about the Beaumont sisters. There was supposed to be only one, but her publisher liked Fizz's story so much she asked her to write stories about her sisters, too (WILD LADY and WILD FIRE). This, apparently is Liz's last spare copy of all three volumes and she's offering it to you.

She's asked me to set the question and so I'll ask you this. Liz tells me that she has written two previous novels with a sheikh as the hero. I would like you to tell me what they are called.

Please send your answer to liz with Day Ten in the subject line and your name and address in the body. And if you'd like to receive the first chapter of my own story, tell Liz and she'll email it to you.

Now, if you will forgive me, I have a press conference to attend.


Snookie said...

Ok, Zahir, I like your picture too! Now you need to post one of you and Diana :)

So... you are not going to tell us where Diana is, hmmmm... gonna have to get your book and read more about all of you.

Sue said...

(Oh my... is it usual for Sheikhs to be so gorgeous?!)

Please don't listen to Diana, Zahir - I think you may have already found a wife who is so much more than just suitable...

Sue... who is trying not to finish Diana & Zahir's story too quickly but lingering and savouring every word *sigh* I don't want the story to end...!

Snookie said...

OK, I forgot to ask, what is this word suppose to be?


Liz Fielding said...

Snookie, the word should be unreconstructed. Zahir needs typing lessons. Or spelling lessons. But not much else!

In other words a total throwback. He isn't ... honest!

Hi Sue!

Snookie said...

Ok Thanks Liz, I do know the word unreconstructed and thought it might be it, but figured I'd ask since unreconstructed is not used here in Hawaii. In fact if you asked around, I'll be most people would tell you taking a house apart :( Hmmmm, I should test that theory. I've only ever seen it while reading... :) Vocabulary is not a big thing and it drives me crazy. I'm lucky i work with people who don't think you're snotty for using "big" words :)

Snookie said...

oops that was suppose to say I'll bet, talking about typos...

Donna Alward said...

I have Wild Lady and Wild Justice on my tbr shelf! They came my way last spring and I'm trying desperately to make my way to them!