Sunday, December 02, 2007



4th December


Lovely Snookie said my face was fine – she’s so sweet! -- but my mother always says that we should never overdo a good thing! She’s a flower arranger, by the way and works incredibly hard, especially since my Dad had a stroke.

He’s doing fine now and is great with Freddy – picking him up from school when I’m working -- and I’m having to rely on him a lot this week while I’m driving Sheikh Zahir all over the place. Nine to five it’s not! I’m parked up outside his hotel right now, waiting to take him to some fancy reception this evening.

I wonder if I’ve got time to get a sandwich…

But back to business. No one got the answer to the Day Two question right. (It was Berkshire, btw, and the answer was in the front of the books, guys!) Karen, in Reading , won A STRANGER’S KISS from Day Two and it’s in the post right now. Enjoy, Karen. And when you get to the bit with the pearls I can tell you, in confidence, that Liz based them on the pearl earrings her best beloved bought her when their little girl was born -- also in Bahrain. (That's the same little girl who will be wearing them when she gets married in a few months time!)

Here we are at Day Four already and behind the door today is … HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE.

On the back of the book it says that Willow and Mike can’t decide who’s most relieved when each jilts the other at the altar. I bet that caused a bit of a stir. The bride not turning up is one thing, but the groom doing a runner, too... Eek.

I wonder what happened to all that food. Sorry, sorry, but I’m starving… And I wonder why they ran? I mean they must have been in love if it got as far as a cathedral wedding. Those things take a bit of organising -- my mother does flowers for those things and she could tell you a tale or two. But weddings can be very stressful. At least so I’ve heard.

Anyway, if you want a chance to find out what happens next, send an email to liz (no gaps) with Day Four in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the text and the answer to today's question which is: What is the title of Liz's first book? You’ll find the answer on her website -- and while you’re there you can check out my first encounter with Sheikh Zahir. That oops, golly, wotsit moment.

See you tomorrow!


Merri said...

Another fun blog. Just don't mention food :-) Of course I would be reading the blog right before dinner.

Diana said...

Sheikh Zahir took pity on me, Merri. He brought me a little picnic.

I'm in more trouble than I thought...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book Liz! Karen (Reading)