Sunday, December 16, 2007


DAY 17

December 17th

Hi, sorry I've been leaving Liz to get on with the competition, especially since she's been so busy. But I've needed time to think.

I've been letting my life drift on without me for the last couple of years, but now I realise that I have to take control, drive my dreams. Reach for the stars. But I'm going to miss this beautiful place.

So, back to business. Laurie in Canada won the copy of BITTERSWEET DECEPTION and the book is on its way to her. The answers, of course, were Eloping With Emmy and The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella (no, Liz didn't suddenly start writing historical romances -- it was an "experimental" title, getting away from the brides, babies, thing.)

Anyway, today we've got another of Liz's Rita short-listed books, CITY GIRL IN TRAINING. This one was a bit of a ground-breaker. Her first "first-person" book. (A Surprise Christmas Proposal was the other.)

In this Philly, levered out of the nest by her globe-trotting parents, waves a reluctant goodbye to the boy next door and heads for the city lights, a new job and new flatmates and immediately gets into trouble.

And then more trouble.

And then again...

Fortunately, she's met Cal. Another "boy next door" -- except Cal isn't a boy. Far from it. He's a great big hunk of a man. Not that he's ever going to be interested in Philly because he's gay.

This is the book that Presents author Susan Stephens famously burned the Sunday lunch when she couldn't put it down.

You have been warned.

You want to win this book? Of course you do. Just send an email to liz with Day Seventeen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the email and the answer to this question. Liz has won three awards for her books. Two of them were RITAS, what was the other one? It's on the website!


Penn said...

This is the book that . . . well, in the thought of writing complete sentences, I'll start fresh.

Over at, we have challenge blogs to see how many books as a group we can read in a year. Several of us live in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Texas area and now get together in person (9 of us had a lovely brunch just today at an Italian Restaurant/Irish Bar as a matter of fact). So, Debkc3 from the challenge blogs read a couple of Liz's books and really enjoyed them. And I said, "Hey, I have some that I can loan you if you promise not to crack the spines." Deb is not a spine cracker so she said, "Yes, please."

We now also belong to a group of romance book lovers who meet once a month at a local Barnes and Noble (one of us belonged and invited the others along), so I took a small bag of books there to the next meeting. I handed them over to Deb one by one so that she didn't have to take any she already had or wasn't interested in. I pulled CITY GIRL IN TRAINING out of the bag and started to laugh. And I laughed and laughed and laughed!! And all these other people at the table we going, "WHAT BOOK IS THAT?!" b/c hey! I hadn't even started talking about the book. Just thinking about it -- and it's been what? over 3 years since I read it? Anyway, yeah, I love CITY GIRL IN TRAINING.

Oh, by the way, at brunch today a couple of the gals had pics from RWA that included the night we had dinner with Fiona Harper and Wayne Jordan. Fiona does NOT look jet lagged (and as she'd JUST arrived, she should have so I'm sure she'll be relieved to know that). It made me realize that I really do need to get the 2 or 3 rolls of film that I have unprocessed over to the photomat b/c RWA photos will be on one of them. DH wants to get me a digital camera. Hmmm, we'd have my pics of RWA by now if I did have one, wouldn't we?

Penn (aka ftworthmom)

Liz Fielding said...

Wow! Three years and you still laughed at the memory. Thank you so much, Penn!

If it wasn't for the fact that so many readers really don't like "first person", I'd do some more, although it's hard. You can't switch viewpoints when you've painted yourself into a corner. And you have to get the hero's character across without access to his thoughts.

And I've seen pics of Fiona at RWA and she looks fantastic, although I know how she felt. When I come to RWA I'm walking and talking and it looks like the lights are on, but honestly, no one is home. My brain is always five or six or whatever hours behind.

Snookie said...

I don't mind first person as long as it's not some of that "chick lit" stuff they have out now. I think your voice would be great in first person too, Liz :) I don't think I've read any of yours in first person, now I'm going to get those two books and read them.