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7th December

You all think Sheikh Zahir is hot...

You are so right. He’s hotter than bird’s eye chillies. And funny, too. And oceans deep. And last night… Well, last night I realised that I’ve got to stop this right now. Whatever this is.

Best chauffeur uniform. Hat on straight. No more talking. Or anything else. I might be the nearest thing to Cinderella that Sheikh Zahir has ever met, but there are no fairy godmothers going to fix this one for me. I’m a mother. I have responsibilities. It’s making a life for Freddy that’s important and I need this job.

Right. So where was I?

Day Five. You all got Sophie Harrington as the heroine of A SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL and congratulations go to Therese, whose name came out of the hat. Your prize, THE BEST MAN & THE BRIDESMAID is on its way to you in Australia, Therese; have fun with the ducky Daisy and the totally gorgeous Robert.

And now it’s time to open the door to Day Seven. Here we go and it’s -- A NANNY FOR KEEPS.

Ah, now, this book is a good old-fashioned fairy story. Jacqui Moore is on the run from the job she loves. She can’t bear the thought of getting close to another child only to lose that love in the space of a heartbeat. But she’s conned into doing one last “universal aunt” run for her friend's nanny agency, delivering Maisie to her grandma on her way to the airport.

The child is a total princess, the grandmother is not there and, having climbed the big nasty hill in her precious, but aged, “Beetle”, Jacqui finds herself faced with the magnificent, scarred (and scary) local giant, Harry Talbot.

Here’s a little quote from the front of the book:

“He was beautiful. Lean to the bone, hard , sculptured, his was the kind of body artists used for their life classes.

“Which made the scars lacerating his back, scars which he hadn’t moved quickly enough to hide from her, all the more terrible.

“Without thinking, she reached out as if to touch him, take the pain into her own body.”

Mmmm… Liz said, “Jack & the Beanstalk”. I’m thinking maybe “Beauty & the Beast”.

For a chance to win the book and make up your own mind about that, email Liz at liz with Day Seven in the subject line, your name and address in the body and the answer to today’s question, which is: Which fellow "Harlequin Romance" author designed and maintains Liz's website? You'll find the answer here.


Snookie said...

Hey diana, I see your picture is back on the blog :) I'm going to have to try and locate some of Liz's backlist books. I love her voice and I know I missed a bunch of the 50 + books she's written!

Tren said...


I read your story yesterday in eBook format and loved, loved, loved it! So glad you finally got your sparkly pink taxi.

Now, normally I prefer the old-fashioned, hold-in-your-hands, book, but Liz's excerpt to your story tempted me far too much. So rather than wait on a book to arrive via mail, I chose the instant gratification of eBook download.

A beautiful story, beautifully written, as always.


Liz Fielding said...

Hi Tren

I'm afraid Diana is unavailable just at the moment -- well, you know why!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments.

I'm so excited that you bought this as an ebook. I really think I need some kind of device to go this route -- if only to stop the house sinking under the weight of books. What do you use? And anyone else? Any recommendations?

Liz -- rather wanting a pink, sparkly taxi of her own!

Tren said...

Hi, Liz,

Ooh, I would love a pink taxi with sparkles! Although, convincing hubby to ride about town in such a vehicle might take a fair bit of coaxing.

I also would like to have one of those handheld eBook readers, but for now, I use Adobe Digital Editions on my laptop.

Thanks again for writing such beautiful stories.