Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's arrived. That gorgeous box of books containing the first edition (the UK hard back library edition) of THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE.

Opening the box, getting that first sight of the cover art is always a fraught moment.

Will it be fulfil the image that you have you in your head of your characters?

Will it feel like the story you wrote?

Or will it be a nightmare, so wrong that you want to weep?

Well, this is a bit of a mixed bag. This was my vision of my heroine, Diana Metcalfe.

Not that close, to be honest.

She's a larky girl with curly hair, but it's a lot better than some of my cover images.

Does anyone remember the hideous UK version of the The Bridemaid's Reward. The one where the heroine has a moustache and we're looking straight up her nose?

And this is Sheikh Zahir al Khalid. Okay, all my heroes look pretty much the same on the cover and I wasn't going to get Antonio Banderas as a cover model.
But it is pretty. And it looks like a "sheikh" book. I was a bit concerned I was going to get him in a dinner jacket and her in uniform dancing around Berkeley Square. (You'll have to read the book!)

My real surprise is that, to me, that cover clinch looks more like a Modern/Presents cover than the kind of artwork you usually see on a "Romance". Is this a trend? Or is it simply an attempt to attract "sheikh" lovers from other series to pick it up? I already have a solid following of readers who also love Modern/Presents but if this encourages more to pick a "Romance" and realise what they've been missing, well hooray!

Oh, and I'm blogging over at eHarlequin on What Keeps Me Writing. Debbie Macomber is there, too. Right next to me. How cool is that?


Kate Walker said...

Well I'd pick that up based on the cover - I really like it. But then I don't know what Diana looks like - but they are both very attractive - I really like him!

But then I'd pick up the book just because it has your name on it!

Which reminds me - I finished Reunited: Marriage in a Million yesterday - lovely, lovely book. Can I have an Ivo all of my won please? He (and Belle) got me through a tough day yesterday, which means it was quite some book to hold my attention and distract me - so thank you so much


Kate Walker said...

Darn it - I want an Ivo *all of my OWN* - obviously - not all of my won!


Liz Fielding said...

I'm glad the gorgeous Ivo helped you through a very bad day, yesterday, Kate.

Cyber hugs to you and the BM.

Love, Liz

Kate Hardy said...

I like the cover, Liz.

And may I point out I've spent YEARS begging for Antonio as my cover model, and they still say no? Even when I offered to write the book for free... *g*

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, Kate! Bless...

You remember when Julie Cohen wrote to the actor she used as a model for one of her books (I'm having a blank moment, but it was John somebody). Maybe you should write to Antonio :)

Lilian Darcy said...

Ooh, yes, Antonio, Antonio. That's him in your picture, Liz? It's a gorgeous one. I reckon an artist almost could use that as the basis for a hero, because it's not obviously him.

Lilian D

Liz Fielding said...

Yes, that's Antonio, Lilian, and he does look a little different. Reflective. Less "out there" than he appears in most photographs.

My hero is an "out there" guy, but when he falls for the gorgeous, funny, but highly unsuitable Diana Metcalfe, he has to look inwards, search for his own answers.

Barb said...

I think it's exciting that they've made your cover so "modern", Liz. I really like it and now I'm itching to see mine, which is out the same month.
the box of books always takes so much longer to reach Oz, and I'm going to be away next week. (sigh)

Liz Fielding said...

I was about to take a tour of the January authors, Barb, in the hopes that some of them might have posted covers. They're all either in Oz or the US, so I guess I'll have to be patient!

Ally Blake said...

Oooh I do love getting those books in the mail with no idea of what will be on the cover. This one is really evocative and yummy Liz. I have a kissy clinch on my current UK cover and I'm quite taken with it. And if a clinch can bring you new readers who'll fall in love with your books, then I say hoorah to more clinches!!!