Tuesday, August 21, 2007


A few months ago I posted about the delightful Nell Dixon winning the RNA's Romance Prize for her novella Marrying Max.

Last week, Nell sold Blue Remembered Heels to Headline's Little Black Dress imprint and I'm so delighted I might just go pop. I can't wait to read it!


I haven't been blogging much lately. I had a tight deadline for my sheikh novella, which is presently sitting on my editor's desk while I wait on tenterhooks for it to come boomeranging back with revisions. That story seemed to consume all my writing energy so that when I surrendered for the night I just allowed myself to sink into the pleasures of reading someone else's hard work.

One of my favourite books was Ally Blake's, Billionaire on Her Doorstep. When you've written (and read) as many Romances as I have, you think there's nothing new. It's not true of course, but maybe one gets a little jaded. And then you pick up a book like Billionaire, with a quirky heroine who's searching for herself, a group of terrific, off the wall friends that you'd love to have yourself, and a hero to die for. Oh and the gorgeous setting along the Australian coast just made me long to be there...

Treat yourself.

I've just ordered the latest Anne McAllister for my holiday reading. And another Ally Blake. This time one of her Modern Extras. And Lilian Darcy's Cafe du Jour is on its way from Australia. You've got until the end of the month to win yourself a copy and a t-shirt. Check out Lilian's website, read the excerpt, and email her at lilian@liliandarcy.com with CAFE DU JOUR COMPETITION in the subject line. Just tell her the name of Julie’s son, and whether you think he’s going to be good or bad for Susie.


So what am I doing now? Apart from decorating a couple of bedrooms? Well, the next deadline is even tighter and I have to go to Italy for two weeks right in the middle of writing this book -- really, I mean, how bad can it get? -- so I didn't have a second to waste worrying about who or what I was going to write about.

Actually you all made it really easy for me. I've lost count of the number of emails from readers who've read Reunited: Marriage in a Million and want Manda's story. So there she is on this tropical island that isn't quite paradise when an earthquake hits. His name is Jago and he's just fallen out of love with the entire female sex. And Manda? Well, Manda has just done all the smiley Godmother stuff for her sister-in-law, Belle, and her assistant, Daisy, and she needs a break. Anywhere. The trouble is, she's so busy running from her demons that she just doesn't see the brick wall until she's run into it...


juliemt said...

Hi, Liz,
I can't wait to read Manda's book and I just love the name Jago - it's a perfect name for a hero!

Liz Fielding said...

Snookie, I have answered your question on the post where it was asked, but neither post is showing up for some reason so I'm repeating it here!

To win all you have to do is email me the three years in which Jessica, Marion and I have each won a Rita. Email the answer to me with your name and address and BRINGING UP BABY in the subject line and I'll draw one lucky winner on 31 August.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
I'm really excited to hear that you are writing Manda's story, when will it be published? Also I was wondering what happen's to Daisy? Maybe one day you can let us know what happens to Daisy and her son. I loved the story with Belle and Ivo.

Ally Blake said...

Aaawwwww, Liz! Thanks so much for the lovely words about my book.

I'm sitting here, deep in the middle of tricky revisions, now feeling lighter than air.