Monday, July 09, 2007


Those of you with sharp eyes will have noticed a new “slider”; Reunited: Marriage in a Million is now for sale online at Mills & Boon and eHarlequin (there are links under the slider). There’s a link to an excerpt, too. But here’s a taster, the prologue...

‘The car is here. Your paparazzi army are forming their usual guard of honour.’

Ivo was waiting, his face expressionless. Waiting for her to back down, tell him that she wouldn’t go and Belle had to fight back the treacherous sting of tears.

She didn’t cry, ever.

Why couldn’t he understand? Why couldn’t he see that she hadn’t chosen to spend ten days cycling over the Himalayas on some whim!

This was important to her. Something she needed to do.

By demanding she drop out at a moment’s notice to play hostess at one of his power-broking weekends at his country house in Norfolk, he was making it plain that nothing, not her career, certainly not some charity stunt, was as important as being his wife.

That he had first call on her.

If only she could have told him, explained. But if she’d done that, he wouldn’t want her to stay...

‘I have to go,’ she said.

For a moment she thought he was going to say something, but instead he nodded, picked up the heavy rucksack that contained everything she would need for the next three weeks and reached for the door handle.

By the time it was open, Belle was wearing a smile for the cameras. She paused briefly on the step with Ivo at her side, then they made their way to the car.

The chauffeur took the rucksack and while he was stowing it, Ivo took her hand, looked down at her with grave eyes that never betrayed what he was thinking.

‘Look after yourself.’

‘Ivo...’ She stopped herself from begging him to come to the airport with her. ‘I’ll be passing through Hong Kong on my way home. If you happened to find you had some business there, maybe we could take a few days...’

He made no comment, he never made promises he could not keep, but simply kissed her cheek, helped her into the car, repeating his directive to “take care” before closing the door. She turned as the car pulled away, but he had already turned away, was striding up the steps to the house, wanting to get back to work.

The chauffeur stopped at the drop-off point, loaded her bag onto a trolley, wished her good luck and then she was alone. Not alone, as a woman with a loving husband waiting at home might feel.

Just ... alone.

The reviews are coming in and so far they’ve been good. Since both Barbara Hannayand Jackie Braun invested a lot of trust in me, as well as their starry talents, to make this trilogy a success, I’m relieved about that. Here are some quotes – with links if you want to read the whole thing.

"Liz Fielding begins Secrets We Keep with Reunited: Marriage in a Million a moving yet frequently amusing tale. Highlighted by truly great characterizations, it's one of the author's best." Romantic Times 4½ stars

“When you pick up any Liz Fielding novel, you’re guaranteed a well-written, altogether moving experience and Reunited: Marriage in a Million is no exception...” McCreativity,
Romance Reviewed 5 roses.

Liz Fielding gives us a story in which we can experience someone else’s angst and in which we can relate to her experiences. Her vivid descriptions make us feel as though we are part of the story.
Contemporary Romance Writers Rating “9”

Liz Felding creates lovable characters that grow on the reader. They have faults, weaknesses, and at times, are even strong-willed, but throughout it all they stick together. This smooth flowing read is like a breath of fresh air and one I will not forget
Coffee Time Romance “4 cups”

The book will be on sale retail in August.

Oh, and for a chance to win a copy of the book, drop by Coffee Time Romance!


Anne McAllister said...

Sounds like another wonderful read, Liz. I'll be pre-ordering on amazon. I notice Ivo isn't wearing a towel, though. Hmmmm.

Jopee said...

Oooh Liz, you got me in tears with just the excerpt... Im off to the M&B site to get it. Can't wait for next month :)

Liz Fielding said...

Thank you for rushing to buy, Jopee. What a star!

Warning: this one reduced my editor to tears a little later on, so have the tissues handy!

Anne, everyone has a picture of "Ivo" in his towel. I wanted you all to concentrate on his face... :) And another sale! Definitely an excuse for the exclamation marks!

Jopee said...

Oh what a beautiful read Liz! It was just adorable how Ivo went about winning Belle back. Had the tissues handy but somehow I still managed to get my pillow soaking! A definite keeper. Thanks, Liz :)

Liz Fielding said...

From the emails I've received today, Jopee, it seems I should have taken out shares in Kleenex :)

Thanks for being so kind!

Kate Hardy said...

I decided to read the first couple of chapters last night - and I ended up going to bed MUCH later than I'd intended! Fabulous read, and I'm really looking forward to the next two as well (I've read some of Jackie's and Barbara's and they're gorgeous reads).

I think you're going to take over my mantle as the author who makes people cry, though. And I also think you've done the best Black Moment ever. Makes you wonder just HOW they're ever going to get over it... and the resolution is fabulous, too.

Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Kate, that means a lot. One scene made my editor cry and, as we all know, they're made of steel. :)

Pam said...

Reeling me in with that excerpt, Liz. I love an enotional story.