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In response to my appeal for more information about this book, FtWorthMom was kind enough to send me the following. Thanks a bunch, FWM!

Domesticating Luc by Sandra Paul (Silhouette Romance#1802, Feb 06)

This is a RITA finalist (2007) for traditionalromance. I have now read all but one from thatcategory. It was much lighter than the others and veryenjoyable (as were the others but it was a mood apart).

The Pawlogue and E-Pawlogue are told frm the dog'spoint of view.

Luc Tagliano has just inherited a Cane Corso (ItalianMastiff) from his great-aunt, who finished raising himafter his parents were killed in an accident. He takesPuppy to Julie Jones's dog training institute and heand Puppy are problem students, so Julie pulls themaside and totally blows Luc's ego. He's used to womenthrowing themselves at his gorgeous rich self andJulie is all about the dog! Her apartment is about tobe re-done so she'll be living in a hotel for a month.Luc convinces her to move into his guest house andwork with him and Puppy.

Julie perceives that the main problem is the two guyshaven't bonded and Luc is not making any effort tobond. So, she requires Luc to come home at a decenthour and spend the evening with Puppy and by default,he spends the evening with her, too. They becomeattracted. Julie falls totally in a sad moment betweenthe two guys when Luc finds his aunt's long-lost glovein Puppy's crate (which is what Puppy had been diggingout of the $4000 couch when he ruined it). And Luclooks at Puppy and says something like, "So that'swhat this has been about? You've been grieving forher. I know, I miss her, too."

Luc is too stupid to realize that he's fallen for bothPuppy and Julie til it's almost too late. He givesPuppy to a dog-shower-person but can't drive away andgoes back and demands Puppy back. Then he and Puppy gobeg Julie to marry them.
There are quite a few humorous moments in this book.It is very well constructed. I would have totallymissed it if it hadn't finaled for a RITA so I'm veryglad that it did. Since it is by far the mostlight-hearted in its group, I'll be interested to seeif it wins. It deserves to, but so do the others. Hardwork for the judges.

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Anne McAllister said...

As a "dog person" I will definitely be tracking down Sandra Paul's book! Thanks for the review.

And congratulations to all the finalists, but especially to Barbara Hannay -- a terrific writer and an even more terrific person!