Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last night the dd and I were having one of those long, end of day chats. We talked about pot roast, the fact that Subliminal Girls are getting "air time" on Radio One, and books. We always talk about books. We also talked about the difficulties of both music and publishing business. How tough it is. And I suddenly remembered Stevie Morgan who, back at the beginning of this new century, wrote a book called
FLY AWAY PETER about love, and loss and moving on that I loved so much that after borrowing it from the library, I bought my own copy. In hardback. How often does an author move you like that?

I went in search of Stevie this morning. There were just three books (all of them a pleasure a to read) and a short story. Nothing since 2002, no website and Google threw up no articles, no photograph.
I recall Katie Fforde telling me once that Stevie's publisher just hadn't got behind her and as a result sales had not been good. Okay, not everyone can get on Richard & Judy and sometimes word of mouth just doesn't take off and these days you have one, maybe two chances before a publisher decides you're not a commercial proposition. But it makes me sad when someone who gave me such pleasure to read just disappears.

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