Monday, June 25, 2007


Today, Wednesday 26th July, I'm helping Kate Hardy celebrate the publication of her 25th book, BREAKFAST AT GIOVANNI'S. This is such a lovely book, full of warmth, fabulous food, gorgeous Italians, but then Kate herself is full of warmth, always there to buck you up when you're feeling down.

Kate, I congratulate you on your Silver Book Anniversary, and at the rate you write, I'm looking for to raising the roof for your Golden Anniversary, five years from now!

And everyone -- check out the blog every day for the next 25 days -- there are books to be won!

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Kate Hardy said...

Thank you very much, Liz!

Have just delivered a book so am at the stage of being unable to imagine ever writing another one *g* (OK, so I started it this morning... I have a reputation to live up to, now, LOL)