Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have a counter on this website -- just to make sure that someone is listening! -- and every once in a while I go and check out my stats. It tells me where visitors have come from and it will even tell me what they’re looking for. So just for those of you who have been searching for stuff that I know you couldn’t have found:

For the visitor from Germany who wanted an excerpt of The Bridesmaid’s Reward, email me and I’ll email Chapter One to you. The same offer applies to anyone who's interested; I’m a firm believer in the “try before you buy” theory.

For the visitor from North Carolina who was looking for Romance Tips for Husbands (I guess that would be a man?), my tip is go out and buy a pile of Harlequin Romances – you’ll learn a lot about what men do that makes a woman happy.

For the visitors looking for online reads – that’s a popular one! – there’s a link to The Cinderella Valentine, my latest, on the sidebar of my blog. Enjoy.

For the visitor from Minnesota looking for writing tips, you’ll find some here, on my website.

For the visitor from Cheshire who wanted to know more about the Bella Brides series, she’ll find everything she wants to know here, at the The Brides of Bella Lucia blog here.

And for all of you who wanted an update on the Women’s Weekly/Mills & Boon story competition – I believe that the winners will be announced next month. As soon as I know for sure, I’ll post it here.

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C. Y. said...

Hiya Liz,

Thanks for your contest! Happy holidays to you!

Where on your blog sidebar can I find The Cinderella Valentine ?