Saturday, February 17, 2007


I promised you more pictures of the dogs and here they are. Following on from Flynn’s starring role as the centre-fold pin-up in an animals lover’s magazine, Bob – the sorry six-month old rescue pup has been picked as a model for a dog food advertisement – what a poser!

Kees – the old guy -- has had his own column in a magazine since he was a pup and is so not impressed.

Milo, as you can see, would much rather just be having fun and chilling out with the guys (that's Flynn providing him with a pillow), but I have a feeling his time will come!


Mona said...

Hi Liz, I got the books. That was fast. thank you. by the way the pics are great, I like the last one the most.

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Mona!

I'm glad the books arrived safely and so fast. The post can be something of a lottery!


Kate Hardy said...

Beautiful, beautiful dogs. I'm going to have to go and cuddle my spaniel now. :o)

Sharon J said...

What gorgeous dogs! I'm considering getting a companion for Poppy (Jack Russel/Lakeland cross) at the moment but I'm almost afraid to go to the rescue centre because I know I'll want to take more than one home and I really can't afford to keep more than two dogs at the moment. Sigh.

Perhaps I should make them work for their living?