Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hi, I’m Max Valentine (is that better Kate?)

Apparently she thought I came across as a little, how can I put it, direct yesterday, but I was mad, okay? Louise is supposed to organising our wedding, not organising a Here Come the Brides contest. But anything she, Sadie and Martha can do, Theo, Domenico (not “Dom” apparently) and I have decided that we can do better.

So while we’re occupied with hunting for our brides, we’ve decided to offer you a little incentive to join in with a hunt of your own. Make that a BIG incentive. We’ve sweet-talked each of our authors into offering not just one book (although obviously that’s the important one!) but three books from their back list for our Groom’s Contest.

Since they’ve ganged up and refused to hand over the keys to their websites, this is strictly blog-based, but other than that the rules are the same as the brides’ contest.

You get three chances to win -- one on each of the blogs: mine (okay, Liz’s), Theo’s (Anne’s), and Domenico's (Kate's).

There are nine questions – three on each blog. That’s just one for each book you can win, which seems reasonable to me. Some of them have two parts, so make sure you’ve got all the answers before you send them in. For nine books you’re going to have to work harder! The answers can all be found on the blogs– or by using the sidebar links.

According to Liz you’re the smartest people she knows and she’s confident you can do it.

When you’ve got all the answers, send them to each of our authors. You can contact them through their websites (there’s a sidebar link on the blog) or, in the case of Anne's you can just click on the "Contact Anne" tab and then send the email from there. Don’t forget to put GROOMS CONTEST in the subject.

So, go for it. You have three chances to WIN a pile of great books. Not as great as ours, of course but pretty damn good. Heck, Liz, Kate and Anne are all award winning authors.

What? You want to know which books you’ll win?

Right, well, Liz has hunted out a collection of “Groom” books: A Suitable Groom (it wasn’t issued retail in the States apparently and these are her last copies so you’ll want this one); Her Wish-List Bridegroom (which ws shortlisted for an RT Reviewers Choice award -- whatever that is) and, Her Corporate Bridegroom.

Anne has chipped in with a three-in-one book containing three complete novels: The Cowboy's Code, containing Cowboys Don't Quit, Cowboys Don't Stay and The Cowboy and the Kid (Romantic Times's Best Series Novel of the Year) PLUS a copy of Theo Savakis's book by the author whose name you have to figure out.

From Kate each winner will get her best-selling Alcolar Family trilogy: The Twelve-Month Mistress, The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and Bound by Blackmail.

The contest starts now and ends February 10th, 2007 so we can send off prizes before the weddings (and so Anne and Kate can go to Ireland "to research") And let’s face it, after that we’re going to have our hands full!

Okay. That’s it. Apart from the questions. Go to it!


1) Which book, also being published in February has a hero called Theo Savakis (who is NOT ME because he is going to marry Miranda Weston and I am going to marry MARTHA!) and who is the author of that book?

2) My (Theo's) sister was the heroine of an earlier McAllister book. What's the name of the book -- and the full name of my sister?

3) McAllister says there is "another hero" in The Santorini Bride (which isn't true, by the way). What breed of dog is Ted?


1 Where did Kate celebrate a book launch party this month and which famous novelist did she meet there?

2. What award did Kate's February release - The Italian's Forced Bride win?

3. If the winner of The Brides Contest has already read The Italian's Forced Bride, Kate will give away a copy of her March M&B Modern release which also had Bride in the title. What is the name of this book – and what is the name of it’s hero?


1) St Valentine’s Day is a worldwide phenomenon, but Liz (my author) lives in Wales and they have their own special day for lovers in January. What’s the date? And what is the name of the saint involved?

2) The Valentine Bride (the book that Louise and I share), is the last one in a mini series. What was the series called? Name another author who wrote a book in that series.

3) Liz wrote a special online story The Cinderella Valentine to set up this series. What are the full names of the two characters who met and fell in love in my Chelsea restaurant?

That's it. Go to it!


Domenico Parrisi said...

"Dom's questions"?

DOM'S Questions? You being deliberately provoking, Valentine?

But - hey, after that meal you served up for us all last night, then maybe I will let my friends and fellow grooms call me Dom - just don't tell Alicia - she thinks she's the only one.

But then if the girl goes into hiding with her fellow Brides just before our giorno delle matrimonio then she has only herself to blame


theosavas said...

Figured you'd come around, Dom. And yeah, Max, great meal. Thanks.

You guys get any entries yet? I haven't checked Anne's mail.

Jennifer Y. said...

Can't wait to read the stories of these Brides and Grooms!