Saturday, January 13, 2007


Following Romantic Times 4 1/2 star review, for The Valentine Bride, Once Upon a Time Romance have just posted this 4.75 review.

They’ve been strongly attracted to each other since they were teens. But being cousins, Louise and Max couldn’t act on the forbidden. At least not until Louise was told the truth. That she’s adopted.
Feeling betrayed by not being told the truth, Louise cuts herself off from the "family". Yet Max, for some reason, won’t let her. He needs her to bring the family business, Bella Lucia restaurants, into the limelight and expand with her PR expertise. But it’s more than that. He finds he needs her. To what extent though?

Louise gives Max until Valentine’s Day. She’ll get the PR job done as well as rid her system of the hurt, of needing Max. It can’t be anything more than that as their relationship has always been on the volatile side. They always seem to bring the worst out in each other.

Something’s got to give one way or another as the sparks fly and they become closer. Will the sparks burn out, though?

I was impressed with the fact that Max and Louise not only came to some pertinent realizations about themselves, but their eyes were opened to the other, causing them to gradually see each other in a different light, more clearly, with greater understanding.
Ms. Fielding writes the "sex" scenes with great subtlety but which have a very sensuous feel to them. Just the way I like them.

I was absorbed with The Valentine Bride and enjoyed every moment of reading, and not so much because of the plot or story, but because of the writing. It’s sensual, welcoming, sweet, inviting, and peppered with layers all rolled together.

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allyblake said...

Lovely review Liz!!! You know I can't wait to read it anyway, but this just makes me want to more!!!

Bring on March in Aus I say!


Liz Fielding said...

Thanks, Ally. I hope you've entered the Brides competition -- that way you could win a book two whole months before it goes retail in Oz!