Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm beginning to understand the sudden lack of messages on the blog. Beta is driving me crazy. It's fine for posting, managing the blog, all that stuff. But visit someone else's blog and try to leave a message and you have to sign in with your Google account. Fine if you've got one... Maybe. I was just at Barbara Hannay's blog and Google refused to recognise me and after three attempts I gave up. I was concerned that it wouldn't let me into my own blog, but here I am, no problem.

I suppose it will stop spam posting, which is great, but if it stops everyone else, that seems like one step forward, two back to me.


Michelle Styles said...

Okay, the way I do it now is to make sure I am signed in on the Blogger beta dashboard before I start looking at blogs.
For some reason blogger beta does not remember me from session to session.

It is easier to use in many ways.It just has a few quirks and kinks.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

I've received a couple of emails today from people unable to leave a comment on my blog. And Gray can no longer post on it as a member (or the PHS Reviews blog) until he creates a google account of his own.

Beta = Better? I'm not convinced, yet.

Fiona Harper said...

I've found the same as Michelle. I can't seem to leave messages unless I'm logged in to blogger beta already. If I log on and open the blog in another window, I seem to have no problems.

allyblake said...

Aaah, thanks guys. Log into Beta first then comment. Still a big old hassle in the end!!!