Friday, October 27, 2006


The Husband She Left Behind has picked up the most votes as a likely title for my latest book.

Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to Sierra who wins a signed copy of The Valentine Bride; it'll be in the post as soon as my copies arrive.

I guess you'd all like to know what the title is actually going to be?


and the other two books in the trilogy are to be called

NEEDED: HER MR RIGHT by Barbara Hannay, September 2007
FOUND: HER LONG-LOST HUSBAND by Jackie Braun, October 2007

We still don't have the linking name for the trilogy, but editorial and marketing are burning the midnight oil and I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, there's more about The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella on my sparkling new website!


Sharon J said...

Well, at least it says something. I just hope the cover's good. I know it's daft to judge a book by its cover (where have I heard that one before?) but I just can't help being disappointed when I buy a book with a tall, dark handsome hero on the front only to discover that he's blonde. And vice versa.

Sierra Donovan said...

Thanks, Liz! :)

Is it my imagination, or is H/MB really, really into colons these days?!

On the other hand, I think THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA (Liz's August book) is a really excellent title.

Liz Fielding said...

The cover is everything, Sharon. It's the "grab me" reaction that sells the books. If the title doesn't kill it. :( At least these tell a story.

I don't know about the colons, Sierra, but I guess it's a linking theme for the titles.

There does seem to be a move into slightly less "hooky" titles at the moment -- a move away from the BBB (brides, bachelors, babies) school of thought. If you all buy them, marketing will take the hint!

Liz Fielding said...

PS, Lady Gabriella is on sale in MAY!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look books and the fact that the titles aren't as corny as they used to be. Sometimes I think HMB are afraid to modernise even though their authors are doing their best by bringing modern stories in but they do seem to have taken notice of late.

I'll look out for The Valentine Bride. The cover's scrumptious and if it's anything like your usual work, the characters and storyline will be scrumptious too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz...

I just wanted 2 tell you that I Love your books....their great!!! you are a good writer and keep up with the good work. God bless ya!!!

Sharon J said...

You're right of course, Liz. The cover is the 'grab me' element and it's good to see that HMB have finally hit upon a set of covers that are appealing. I love these new ones; so colourful and pretty. It'll be interesting to see whether the characters on the outside match those on the inside now :-)