Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've just received this review from Cataromance of my September Harlequin "Romance" and Mills & Boon "Romance", THE SHEIKH'S GUARDED HEART.

To say I'm thrilled might just be British understatement at it's most understated!

"In her latest romance, multi award-winning author Liz Fielding sweeps her readers off to the desert of Ramal Hamrah where Lucy Forrester is trying to find the man who has cheated her out of her money and broken her heart in the process. Lucy, unused to the desert roads, is driving a 4X4 vehicle when she suddenly has an accident and is saved by Sheikh Hanif, who takes Lucy into his home to recover from her accident.

"Having been abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother who has done nothing but instill fear in her, Lucy is unused to the tender care which Hanif lavishes onto her and for the first time in her life she feels wanted and welcome. Before she knows it, Lucy finds herself falling in love with the gorgeous Sheikh, but Hanif is a tortured soul whose past demons prevent him from moving forward.

"Is Lucy the woman who can show Hanif the way forward and heal his wounds? And will she let her past fears get in the way of her future?

"In THE SHEIKH'S GUARDED HEART, Liz Fielding will captivate her readers with a spellbinding romance which will tug at their heartstrings, move them to tears, make them smile and make them fall in love all over again! Engrossing, poignant and impossible to put down, in The Sheikh’s Guarded Heart Liz Fielding takes her readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride where they shall see her two characters grow from being two vulnerable people into stronger human beings.

"The Sheikh’s Guarded Heart’s irresistible blend of master storytelling, emotional drama, tender passion and moving romance makes this another winner for the supremely talented Liz Fielding!"

It's sold out at the Mills & Boon website, so if you live in the UK, click here if you want to buy the book.

If you're in Australia, click here

I'm under the grill -- um, spotlight -- today at The Pink Heart Society Blog. If you want to come over and baste me, click the link.

And we have the new Harlequin Romance covers for October online at the Harlequin Romance Authors Blog now. We think they're gorgeous!


Kate Walker said...

Great review, my dear - but then totally deserved. As I'm on my own, with the BM in your part of the world on a conference , I took The Sheikh's Guarded Heart (and Sid the cat) to bed with me last night and enjoyed every minute of my time alone.

Another great book - can't wait for the next one.

Have a wonderful research trip - and come back with some great ideas. We Liz Fielding fans need plenty of books to keep us happy!

See you soon



Jopee said...

What a wonderful review Liz! I dont normally pick Sheik stories but I might just pick this one up next time Im out. Love the line's new look BTW.

Michelle Styles said...

And it is sold out in Hexham!!
gnashes teeth. I should know to go the first day they are released....
I shall have to order off Amazon..

But great review and thoroughly well deserved I am sure!

Jessica Raymond said...

That is one lovely review -- I would say it ticks all the boxes of "Things You Want To Hear From a Reader" :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great review! I picked it up yesterday. Hmm, I better not start it until I have some uninterrupted time. :-)

All the best,
Gail from Canada