Thursday, July 27, 2006


I’ve been absent from the blog for a day or two, although you’ll see I have been doing a bit of housework behind the scenes. The talented Ally Blake is doing her best to explain to me how to change the colours. Somehow my brain just won’t co-operate.

I have, finally, succumbed to a zokutou worm and I am finding it an incentive to make the daily word count, one, so that I don’t look idle and two, for the fun of moving it along and seeing the percentage of the book written grow. Unfortunately, since the hero seems to have disappeared from the scene, I fear the sudden increase in input is probably going to find itself it in the cyber trash can very shortly.

I’ve also been out partying and guest blogging at Lucy Monroe’s party for those of us who haven’t made it to the RWA conference this year. Do drop over and visit. There are some fabulous prizes to win.

I did get distracted, too, today, by the arrival of the new look RNA Magazine, ROMANCE MATTERS. It’s now A4 format in full colour and there were loads of pictures from the Summer Party.

I’ve also heard rumours that M&B are going to advertise the new "Romance" line in national magazines this September, including one which will be running a short story competition alongside the promotion. Something to look out for if you’re a budding author. I''ll post more details when I have them.

Finally, my short story, The Cinderella Valentine will be online from August at eHarlequin – a free read to celebrate the launch of the Brides of Bella Lucia mini series.

I’ll post a url as soon as I have one, but if you go to the website on Monday, I’m sure you’re all more than capable of finding it for yourself!

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