Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I've been nobbled by a cabbage. No, honestly...

I've had a couple of freaky accidents this year. The first was when I caught my toe in the lead from my mobile phone -- which was on charge -- and nearly sliced my ear in half on a CD box as I hit the floor. (You feel so stooopid!)

Now I'm having to type with seven fingers instead of eight.

It shouldn't have been possible. All I did was open the fridge door and reach for a bottle of something crisp and white to go with the ham I'd cooked in the morning.

The something crisp and white I got was the cabbage. (You are not to laugh!)

It tumbled off the top shelf when I pulled out the wine. I tried to catch it -- one handed. Big mistake. Those suckers are heavy. And hard. And I was never good at ball games.

I now have a swollen finger, a blue fingernail and the certainty that this injury is only going to raise a howl of laughter. I might even use it in a book when the pain has faded. In the meantime, when I can use my hand properly, it's coleslaw...)


Kate Walker said...

Ouch! Poor Liz - no I'm not laughing - honest! I wouldn't have the brassica nerve! But I'll learn from your accident - in fact I'll take a leaf from your book - and the next time I need something from the fridge I'll make sure there's nothing stalking me. . .
No honest - not laughing!

Hope the work goes well, in spite of the injury


Kate Hardy said...

Kate Walker, I name you the Queen of Puns *g*

Liz, not laughing. (At least, I'm "slaw" I'm trying really hard not to. Problem is, your writing is so vivid I can actually SEE the scene.)

Hope your hand recovers soon. And that you can revenge yourself on the cabbage. (Sounds to me as if it thought: Cubby Broccoli was a film producer - maybe I should audition as James Bond... Actually, it also sounds like the sort of thing that could happen to one of your heroines. Hmm...)

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

I wasn't laughing Liz (well not so that you could see), until I read Kate W's comment... ROFL!!

Ouch at the blue fingernail. Hope the pain's gone now.

Margaret McDonagh said...

Ooohhh, Liz, how horrible, I am sorry. I'm not laughing, either. As someone who is ridiculously accident prone I can see all too easily how it can happen. I'm not in the same league with puns as the awesome Kates so I'll just say I hope you feel much more comfortable soon - and watch out for vengeful veggies in future.


Liz Fielding said...

Now I know how to get you. Just give you the chance to let loose with the veggie puns and there's no stopping you!

Actually, it's much better this evening, thank you, but I still can't believe how blue the nail is. And a bit of the finger. If I'd coloured it in with ink it couldn't bluer. Not the slightest bit black or red, just bright blue. Maybe it's something in the cabbage.

Nell Dixon said...

Ouch! Not laughing. Well, ok, maybe a little.