Friday, April 14, 2006



Reviews are something of a double-edge sword. The great ones are cheering, uplifting, wonderful and obviously written by highly intelligent people of great discernment. Then you get the ones that aren’t, that kind that leave you feeling lower than a doormat.

But this week I had one of the good kind. It begins: --
THE FIVE YEAR BABY SECRET is a spellbinding romance of forbidden love and family secrets which will captivate you from the very first page...“ (Did I say discerning? This is the Pulitzer Prize contender of reviews!)

It concludes:

“In THE FIVE YEAR BABY SECRET, multi award-winning author Liz Fielding takes her readers to the gorgeous country village of Upper Haughton. and will make them fall in love with the irresistible Matt and the gutsy Fleur.” (Old Cottage works its magic once again and this is how it looks in my head.) “Liz Fielding spins a marvelous story teeming with heart stopping romance, intense emotions and absorbing family secrets which will keep the reader up all night turning the pages of this fabulous romantic novel.”

“Emotional, dramatic and engrossing, THE FIVE YEAR BABY SECRET is an outstanding romance written by one of the finest writers of contemporary romantic fiction. “
You can read the whole thing at Cataromance


Those of you who’ve been with me for the last few weeks will remember that I’m on a diet and I’m reporting in to tell you all that I’ve cracked my first challenge and the scales have dipped below one of those magic milestones. I am now not “disgusting” stones and 6 lbs, but a “slightly less disgusting” stones and 13 lbs (for those of you who don’t understand English English, a “stone” is 14lbs and that’s a loss of 7lbs!)

I am energised, enthused, encouraged by this success. (And, btw, I ran upstairs today without the knees creaking.)

The only downside to this new me is that Easter is going to come and go without a sniff of chocolate. It’s okay. I can handle that, but just for you, I’m posting a picture of the eggs I would have eaten if I hadn’t been on a diet. A non-fattening cyber treat for the eyes from Hotel Chocolat



Sharon J said...

It must be wonderful to get such lovely reviews, but I can imagine it isn't much fun to get the other kind. But you can't please all of the people...

Can I live in that cottage, please?

odderie said...

Liz, I've just discovered your blogspot, and this is a very very exciting day for me! I'll definitely be checking back here regularly as you are without a doubt my favorite Harlequin romance novel writer.

Thank you for putting so much thought and emotions into your writing. Every time I finish one of your books I sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment.

Liz Fielding said...

Hi Sharon! Isn't it just gorgeous? And if you knew the village where -- in my head -- it's set...

Liz Fielding said...

Odderie (gorgeous!), welcome to my blog. And thank you for loving my books.

I'm finding it very hard to love the one I'm writing (ever), but once it's done, it's like childbirth. You forget the pain.

Julie Cohen said...

Congratulations on the fab review and on your diet's success!

And now that I know the village you mean, I'm loving the setting even more...