Monday, February 13, 2006

Loads of excitement for the announcement of the Romantic Novelists' Association Romance Prize shortlist today. The nominations are:

Lucy Gordon - A Family for Keeps
[Harlequin Mills & Boon Tender Romance]

A man, a deserted Venetian palace and a heartbroken woman obsessed by her lost child - this one is something special

Kate Hardy - Where the Heart Is
[Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance]

Two doctors at the end of the world - in every sense. A three handkerchief weepy that makes even hard boiled editors cry.

Jessica Hart - Contracted: Corporate Wife
[Harlequin Mills &Boon Tender Romance]

Sensible woman marries for financial stability for her family and companionship for herself - and then loses her head.

Sharon Kendrick - The Future King's Bride
[Harlequin Mills &Boon Modern Romance]

Protocol versus passion: two people beneath the masks and the trapping, struggling to make sense of their feelings.

Valerie Loh - Hannah of Harpham Hall
[My Weekly Story Collection]

Historical set in Yorkshire - a rejected stepdaughter and a mill owner with secrets. Can they ever trust each other?

Elizabeth Power - Tamed by Her Husband
[Harlequin Mills &Boon Modern Romance]

Alone at sea together - he is a man with standards and she is a selfish socialite. Or is she?

I'd better go polish up the Rose Bowl!

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