Monday, December 31, 2007


As the bells ring out, the fireworks explode worldwide, to welcome in the New Year, may I wish you all health, happiness and the fulfilment of all your dreams.

Thank you all for your friendship, kindness and support in the year we're leaving behind. It's a joy to wake up each morning to read my email, check my blog, chat to readers and writers -- published or not -- whose lives intersect with mine through the pages of books and in this amazing world of cyberspace.

As you know, this is something of a Red Letter year for me. Not just the publication of my 50th book in January, with THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE, but then in April, my 50th "Harlequin Romance" with THE BRIDE'S BABY.
To help me celebrate fifty friends, writers all, will be "guest blogging" throughout the year, telling us about their own books, giving away signed copies, starting next week.

Let the celebrations begin!

Friday, December 28, 2007


...someone leaves a message about an award nomination. Well, when I'd checked my inbox I discovered what it's all about.

THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA has been shortlisted by Romantic Times as Best Harlequin Romance of the year, along with Ally Blake, Trish Wylie, Claire Baxter and Cara Colter. What great company!

And -- there's more. I'm also nominated for a Career Achievement Love & Laughter Award. I'm in great company there, too, with Teresa Southwick also nominated for a Career Achievement award -- although not in the same category, so that's extra good!

Other great nominations are Michelle Douglas for her First Series Romance, HIS CHRISTMAS ANGEL, which you can still catch if you're quick. And Natasha Oakley for her Niroli series Presents, The Tycoon's Princess Bride.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I’m sitting here in a deliciously stripey grey and pink sweater, wearing my new slippers, sipping tea from my special new mug that says “Liz is the Biz” from my dd and just thrilled at the fact that January will see the publication of two of my titles in the UK. Not just THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE, helping to launch Mills & Boon's 100th Anniversary year, but also a reprint of the Billionaire Takes a Bride in BRIDE FOR A BILLIONAIRE. A lovely seasonal gift from my publisher.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too and found the gifts you were hoping for underneath the tree this year.

There will be a little extra for Gail, who won the signed copy of THE SHEIKH’S GUARDED HEART and Candy, who won THE SHEIKH’S UNSUITABLE BRIDE. I’ve just braved the chill to go and put the last of the prizes in the postbox – I hope they’ll all arrive early in the New Year.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Throughout 2008 guest bloggers will be dropping in to help me celebrate my 50th book. They’ll be telling us about their books and offering prizes, too, so make a note to visit every week if you don't want to miss out on some fabulous books.

But before that can happen we have to make our New Year resolutions.

I’m not sure that mine ever change. All I need to do is bring them out each year, brush them off and make the same pledge to

• lose a little weight (only this time keep it off).
• be a little more focussed on my writing – put work before
email play.
• make time to write something a little different; articles, short stories, tackle the big book. All muscles need exercise, even the writing muscles.
• do something new. Learn to tap dance, perhaps? When I was a little girl I yearned for a pair of red tap shoes with big bows. It would certainly get some unused muscles moving!
• take a trip in a hot air balloon.

Actually I did manage to write more this year. Three books and a novella. About half a book short of what I planned, half a book short of what I should have managed, but better than the last couple of years.

I did lose some weight – but it’s all crept back on in the last few months. Deadlines are not kind to the waistline and I do have a real dislike of exercise. It always seems to me a little like housework. You do it today and then you have to do it again tomorrow. There’s just no end…

So what resolutions did you keep this year? How will you challenge yourself?

Whatever they are, I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in which at least one dream comes true.

Iechyd da!

Thursday, December 20, 2007





A very merry Christmas to everyone on this special day; I'm delighted to share a moment of the day with you.

Diana and Zahir also asked me to send their best wishes. They hope to drop by next month to help me celebrate 50 books, but for now they need a little time on their own.

So many of you wrote and told me what your own special Christmas gifts would be, from the simplicity of sleep -- I think we can all sympathise with that one! -- to the most touching one, the relief from pain for a loved one. I hope you are all granted your heart's desires.
One of you, Lois, does have THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA to look forward to. It'll be in the post straight after the holiday, Lois.

So, what is behind the door for this very special last day on our calendar. Well, of course it has to be Diana and Zahir's story. THE SHEIKH'S UNSUITABLE BRIDE.

For a chance to win this book just send me an email to liz with Day Twnety Five in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the mail. I'll draw the winner on the 27th, since I imagine you'll all be just a little preoccupied today. I'll tell you then who won The Sheikh's Guarded Heart and The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride.

My turn to wish you all the very merriest Christmas. And someone else to do the clearing up.

Thanks for spending December with me.




"Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house..."

Actually I saw a mouse the other day. It nipped up on to the stoop, bold as brass, and helped itself to a snack from the crumbs left out for the half-tame robin that visits every day. He should look out for the neighbourhood cat who's also started dropping by looking for tasty snacks!

Catching up with the news, Elsje in South Africa won THE BABY PLAN. I posted a load of books yesterday to winners not just for the Advent Calendar giveaway, but for Kate Walker's Christmas Stocking, too. I hope they all arrive safely.

Behind the door today is THE SHEIKH'S GUARDED HEART. A grieving man, a desperate woman saved from certain death, and a beautiful garden. Lucy owes her life to Sheikh Hanif and sets about healing his heart, as he has healed her body.

And Hanif's young cousin, Sheikh Zahir, makes his first appearance, too. This is the moment when his feet are set on the path that will eventually take him to London and his meeting with Diana Metcalfe, a highly unsuitable bride for a sheikh...

For a chance to read this story, email me at liz with Day Twenty-Four in the subject line and your name and address in the body. And tell me the most memorable Christmas gift you ever received.



Oh, lord. This is Sadie, covered with blushes here. I can't believe Liz actually dug out that old story where I behaved so badly! I was sixteen!

As if having to cope with the papparazi camped on the company doorstep hoping Diana might turn up wasn't bad enough. I hope I did the right thing when Sheikh Zahir phoned, but he sounded so sincere. So desperate. I wish I had someone who felt that way about me...

Anyway, what have we got here? Oh, yes. A FAMILY OF HIS OWN won the RNA Romance Prize in 2005. Trenda, in the delightfully named Saltillo, was drawn from the hat and the book is on its way.

Today, behind the door, is THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA. This is the story of Ellie March, aspiring writer, cleaner, house-sitter, who has somehow managed to convince the editor of Milady magazine that she's Lady Gabriella March, domestic goddess, and she's now writing a monthly column on her "lifestyle". The only trouble is that she doesn't have a lifestyle. She doesn't even have a life.

Then Dr Benedict Faulkner, the owner of the lovely house she's "sitting" returns unexpectedly and, since he didn't know he had a house-sitter (sisters!) she's really in trouble. Oh, and one of the neighbours shoots at her. Life, as Ben quickly discovers, is never dull with Ellie around.

For a chance to win a copy of Ellie and Ben's story, email Liz at liz, with your name and address in the body of the text and Liz wants to know what you'd most like to find under your Christmas tree on the 25th. No men allowed -- we've already done that one -- not even your husband. And "World Peace" goes without saying!


December 22nd

How's the shopping going? Are all the gifts wrapped? Is the cake iced, are the mince pies made? Or are you, like me, thinking, What? There are how many shopping days left?

Relax. Take an hour or two off and be kind to yourself. You'll be in a much better state to cope with it all afterwards.

But before you do, I have to thank you all for the fabulous names you sent me. Inspirational! Although, Sue, if you look at The Three Year Itch (lovely book, but I HATED that title, which was imposed on me by an editor long since departed) you'll find it has a hero called Gray!

It was Dena's name that came out of the hat for PRISONER OF THE HEART and the book is on its way to the US.

Behind the door today is THE BABY PLAN.

You've already met Sadie Redford, Diana's boss. Well, when I wrote THE BABY PLAN she was a troublesome sixteen-year-old determined to mess up her Dad's love life.

Actually, Amanda Fleming and Dan Redford were doing a pretty good job of that for themselves; hiding their true identities, protecting themselves.

For a chance to win a copy of this book email me at liz, with Day Twenty-Two in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the mail. That's it. You've got enough to think about this weekend without me setting you daft tasks!



I've spent today wrestling with the internet, which seems intent on swallowing up the photographs and copy for my website update which will go online a little early this month because my webmistress is off on her holidays. Frustrating. Infuriating. At this rate I'll be short several handfuls of hair.

Let's hope the last lot managed to break through the cyber-space barrier.

The answer to the question on Day Nineteen was 25 years old -- lucky thing Jan added, and I have to say I agree. Old enough to be in control. Still young enough to enjoy it. :) You all got it right -- of course you did -- and Joy in Arizona won the copy of HIS DESERT ROSE.

Today, behind the door, is a copy of the winne of the RNA Romance Prize -- and Betty Neels Rosebowl pictured right, A FAMILY OF HIS OWN.

Some books just title themselves, The Bridesmaid's Reward, The Bachelor's Baby, The Best Man & the Bridesmaid. Some seem to defy you to find them a title that will say to the reader "pick me"...

A FAMILY OF HIS OWN came into the latter category. Editorial -- and it took the entire office -- finally came up with The Family He Deserves; I threw a rare authorial tantrum and they had another think! It won the RNA Prize, RT Best Harlequin Romance and was shortlisted for a RITA. It's the story of a haunted man and a young woman who is ready to pay forward the kindness she's received, even at the risk of her own heart. Oh, and there's gardening, too.

If you want a chance to win a signed copy, then email me at liz with Day Twenty One in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the email and the year A FAMILY OF HIS OWN won the RNA prize.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007




Christmas is getting closer. I bought the last of my gifts today, along with a copy of debut "Romance" author Michelle Douglas's book, HIS CHRISTMAS ANGEL. Have to keep up with what these new young things are doing! Actually we have so many young authors writing for "Romance" and that's brilliant. It keeps the series fresh and vibrant.

More news, too, on Miranda's story. There's still a little work to be done, but it's going to be called WEDDED IN A WHIRLWIND and will be published next November.

Now back to the Calendar; Claritta in Little Rock was the lucky winner of GENTLEMEN PREFER ... BRUNETTES. I'm holding off posting anything now until after the holiday, but it'll be on its way as soon as the last mince pie has been eaten.

For Day 20, I've got another oldie-but-goodie, PRISONER OF THE HEART.

This is the one where Sophie Nash, driven to desperate measures to get a photograph of elusive celebrity Chay Buchanan, finds herself his very reluctant house guest.

Why does she need the photograph? Why is he so desperate to keep himself out of the gossip mags?

If you want to find out, email me at liz with Day Twenty in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the text and this time I want to know what name you'd give a hero.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007



December 19th

Diana and Zahir have a lot to think about so I'm leaving them in peace for a while. But here's another picture of Zahir because we all need something good to look at!

The award I was thinking of for day seventeen, was the RNA Betty Neels Trophy (there's a picture of me with it on my biography page on the website), but you all found a load of other stuff, the CAPA, a couple of RT awards amongst them and they were fine, too. The name out of the hat for GENTLEMEN PREFER ... BRUNETTES was Tammy in Utah and the book is on it's way. I seem to be keeping the post office going single-handedly in my neck of the woods!

Today's book is another sheikh. My first, HIS DESERT ROSE. Prince Hassan al Rashid, a rebel, an outsider, a man who would do anything to keep his country in safe hands. Even if that means kidnapping international journalist Rose Fenton to stop her being used by a corrupt government. But Rose isn't your average woman; she's exactly where she wants to be and Hassan quickly finds his hands full in more ways than one.

If you want a chance to win a copy of HIS DESERT ROSE, sent me an email at liz, with Day Nineteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the mail and the answer to this question: How old is Sophie Harrington? You'll find the answer in the excerpt link to Bride for Christmas on my website.

And on Wednesday, we're having a post party at eHarlequin with a chance to win copies of Harlequin "Romance" novels. Just click here.

Finally, the long list for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award has just been announced and there are some great names it. Check it out here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007



December 18th

It's getting closer isn't it? Can you feel the excitement building?

I spent the weekend cleaning the house, putting up the decorations, including giving the pigs that guard our gateposts (I know most people go for eagles or lions or pineapples, but we're a "pig" family) their festive scarves. This one is Duchess.
Thank you all for the beautiful "heroine" names you sent. I'll put them all into my name database and next time I'm struggling I'll enjoy picking and choosing from among them.

Naming characters is such a big deal, although on occasion I have been caught out when writing the story of a minor character, wishing I'd given her a different name. I'm very careful these what I call all my characters these days because you just never know!

Like so many of you, I prefer simple, proper names. Ones that are easy to pronounce, easy to read (don't want the eye stumbling every time it encounters a difficult word). Coming up this year, there's Sylvie in THE BRIDE'S BABY, Violet in CHOSEN AS THE SHEIKH'S WIFE and Miranda, in the as yet unnamed followed up to Reunited: Marriage in a Million (always assuming it gets editorial approval).

I'm also supposed to write a short story within the next couple of weeks and I'd love it to be Sadie's (Diana's boss) story. Her name is actually Mercedes and she originally appeared in THE BABY PLAN as a stroppy teen.

We'll see.

Anyway I put all the lovely names in a hat and the best-beloved drew out Eva from Finland (whose name was "Whitney" by the way). The book is in the post, Eva, but it's the busiest week of the year for the Royal Mail so it's unlikely to arrive in time for the festivities.

Today, behind the door is GENTLEMEN PREFER ... BRUNETTES. Nick, a playboy tycoon with an eye for tall blondes, bribes Cassie, a dark-haired pocket venus of a cook, into preparing a seduction dinner for a glamorous colleague. (He told the glamorous blonde that he could cook -- he lied.) Actually, by the time he's getting to the good part, his heart just isn't in it. And as for the blonde, well, that's another story (I refer you to my previous statement about minor characters!)

If you'd like the chance to win this book, email me at liz, Day Eighteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the text and the colour of the ribbons on the gift that Sheikh Zahir is carrying when Diana picks him up from the airport. It's in the excerpt on the website.

DAY 17

December 17th

Hi, sorry I've been leaving Liz to get on with the competition, especially since she's been so busy. But I've needed time to think.

I've been letting my life drift on without me for the last couple of years, but now I realise that I have to take control, drive my dreams. Reach for the stars. But I'm going to miss this beautiful place.

So, back to business. Laurie in Canada won the copy of BITTERSWEET DECEPTION and the book is on its way to her. The answers, of course, were Eloping With Emmy and The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella (no, Liz didn't suddenly start writing historical romances -- it was an "experimental" title, getting away from the brides, babies, thing.)

Anyway, today we've got another of Liz's Rita short-listed books, CITY GIRL IN TRAINING. This one was a bit of a ground-breaker. Her first "first-person" book. (A Surprise Christmas Proposal was the other.)

In this Philly, levered out of the nest by her globe-trotting parents, waves a reluctant goodbye to the boy next door and heads for the city lights, a new job and new flatmates and immediately gets into trouble.

And then more trouble.

And then again...

Fortunately, she's met Cal. Another "boy next door" -- except Cal isn't a boy. Far from it. He's a great big hunk of a man. Not that he's ever going to be interested in Philly because he's gay.

This is the book that Presents author Susan Stephens famously burned the Sunday lunch when she couldn't put it down.

You have been warned.

You want to win this book? Of course you do. Just send an email to liz with Day Seventeen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the email and the answer to this question. Liz has won three awards for her books. Two of them were RITAS, what was the other one? It's on the website!

Saturday, December 15, 2007



December 16th

Just a quick post today (I had so much ironing to catch up with!) Jill won AN IMAGE OF YOU and that's on its way to her now.

Behind the Calendar on Day 16 we have DANGEROUS FLIRTATION. I was buying shoes for my daughter in a local shop. It was decorated with balloons, birthday stuff because it was the manager's birthday. And as I paid at the counter, a couple of the staff dragged a busker in from the street to play Happy Birthday on a trumpet. It was a bit of a light bulb moment and DANGEROUS FLIRTATION was the result.

The quote on the cover is "First impressions are sometimes misleading. Not everyone is precisely what he seems to be."

For a chance to win this book, send an email to liz, Day Sixteen in the subject line, your name and address in the text and tell me your favourite "heroine" name, whether you've found it in a book (anyone's book) or it's just one you'd love to see.

Until tomorrow!

Friday, December 14, 2007



December 15th

Diana sent me a picture she took on her cell phone. The lily pool, just a glimpse of the pavilion deck, can't see the fig tree though -- have you ever had fresh figs for breakfast? Scrummy...

And no Zahir.

He's struggling with the needs of family, duty, tradition. He's already gone his own way in his career -- commerce was always more appealing than diplomacy. Now, in the question of marriage he has committed himself to the path of duty.

But that was before he met Diana and while his cousin Han eased his path once before, this time he's on his own.

Meanwhile, he's made a bit of a hit around the blogs. The Pink Heart Society even featured him as their Male on Monday this week. Enough to gladden a sheikh's heart, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and I have a correction to my previous post. It wasn't Snookie who has read nearly all my books, it's Penn. (Although Snookie has read a lot!) Hopefully, now Miranda and Jago's story has left my desk, the brain will return to normal function.

You all got yesterday's question right and the winner of yesterday's draw, is Jennifer, from Georgia who wins the copy of The Billionaire Takes a Bride. It's on its way, Jennifer!

So on to Day 15, and behind the door is another early Liz Fielding, BITTERSWEET DECEPTION. Kate has been offered a job that's the answer to her prayers, but you just know it's not going to be that easy, don't you? The nice old lady who interviewed her as a nephew. Kate has already met Jay Warwick and is in no rush to repeat the experience...

This is the book I set in Norfolk (UK), using the lovely Blickling Hall, owned by the National Trust, as the basis for my fictional stately home. We used to live in a lovely old house on the estate, and some of the details of the garden in this book were based on my own.

To win this book send me an email at liz with Day Fifteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the text with the name of one of my books with a girl's name in the title. (Hint, there's more than one!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007



December 14th

Miranda's story is told -- it took a six am start, but I made it and it is at this very moment perched on my editor's desk and today, my friends, I did a little housework, caught up on phone calls and messed about a bit. Tomorrow I have to begin a short story I promised a year ago, get some shopping done.
And maybe think about trimming a tree or two.

Meanwhile, the winner of HER WISH-LIST BRIDEGROOM is Laura from North Carolina; the book is in the post, although it's past the last posting date for Christmas, Laura, so it might take a while.

Snookie says she's read all the books in the competition so far so I've dug to the bottom of the pile and come up with one of the few copies I have of Book # 1 -- AN IMAGE OF YOU for today's prize

This pitches Georgette, a feisty feminist who takes a proactive approach to her beliefs, and Lukas, a man who takes a no nonsense view of business. They've already had one decidedly memorable encounter so when fate installs them in a tent together in the middle of a Kenyan Game Park, all you can do is stand back and wait for the sparks to fly.

For a chance to win this book email me at liz with Day Fourteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body and the name of one of my "Christmas" titles.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



13th December

In my culture a man marries from the women his family choose for him. Someone who will be the mother of his sons. Who he will respect, honour, insh'Allah grow to love. I have kept my father waiting too long for the grandson he desires. My sisters email me daily with details of the brides my mother believes will be suitable. They have each have their favourites but so far none of them has chestnut curls, green eyes, a smile that would torment a saint....

Oh, good grief, the man is bewitched. Go choose your bride, Zahir. Shula al-Attiyah, educated, smart... Your mother knows what she's doing. By the way, I found a review for The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride on Romance Readers at Heart, today. They said your story was "sublimely entertaining", doesn't that make you feel good? And your picture is turning up all over the blogs. Your sister is right, by the way, Adina al-Thani does have have lovely hair...

Okay, back to the real world, where we're more interested in who won Day Eleven of the draw. THE ORDINARY PRINCESS is right now on its way to Snookie in Hawaii. Of course we're into the Christmas blockage so who knows when it will arrive. The answer, by the way -- Eddie Albert was Gregory Peck's partner in deception in Roman Holiday.

Today, behind the little door, is THE BILLIONAIRE TAKES A BRIDE. The one with the totally incompetent cat-burglar, a billionaire who can be distracted from seven-denier black stockings by problems in A computer program, a friend who will get you into trouble at the drop of a hat. And dedicated to the eHarlequin Writers Circle and Hamster Auxillary. Hector, aka the Trojan Hamster, was a big hit on the eHarlequin Message Boards.

Want to win this book? Email me at liz @ with Day Thirteen in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the email and the answer to this question. How many titles have I published that begin with the word "Her"!

I'm on the last scene in the wip. Tomorrow, finished or not, it has to be on my editor's desk.

Confidence is high...

Say it often enough and I might even believe it.

Monday, December 10, 2007



12th December

I went swimming first thing this morning in Nadira Creek. At dawn the sea is milky and calm and the sun turns the rocks and mist rose pink. It is so beautiful here, so peaceful. And at night the stars are just as Zahir said they would be. Like diamonds…

Er, I think we'll leave Diana reaching for the stars and get on with today's news.

First up, Jan in Newmarket won the copy of WILD JUSTICE. It's on its way to you right now, Jan.

Actually that's a good thing Diana is on another planet because I wanted to tell you about the Finance Director at my daughter’s company. At some unbelievably early age he drew up a Life Plan. It included being married by the age of 21, having his children young and oh, yes, be a Finance Director by the age of 35. And he's there. (I'm wondering what he plans to do the next thirty-five years -- just for investment purposes you understand!)

Anyway, I hope my daughter is taking notes because if we're going to achieve our goals we all need a Life Plan.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, we're at Day Twelve and behind the door today is HER WISH-LIST BRIDEGROOM, in which Juliet Howard, right on the point of achieving her major goal in her own life plan, bang on target, gets tripped up by a meretricious man. (Lying, cheating you name it...) She had every right to be angry, but let's face it, tossing a tray full of champagne over the boss is never going to be a good idea.

Back at square one she’s confronted with her original Life Plan. The one she wrote when she was a teenager. There were the simple things – you have to give yourself plenty of short term stuff to be ticked off and give you the feeling that you’re getting somewhere. There was the achievable. University. A first class degree. The directorship that was within an inch of her grasp. And then there were the goals that were, honestly, just reaching for the stars. Gregor McLeod, the hero of the school yard, had once been at the top of that list. Until he left school, disappeared…

What to know what happens next? Send me an email to liz, with Day Twelve in the subject line, your name and address in the body of mail and the name of one other book I've written that begins with the word “Her…”


11th December

Okay, guys, Zahir is trying to do the honourable thing, Diana is lying low and Sadie is under siege so you're just going to have to put up with me today. Or you could take a peek at the Harlequin Romance Authors Blog where there's a Spotlight on Lucy Gordon. But not, of course, before you've checked out the Advent Calendar.

First, you'll want to know the winner of Day Nine, AND MOTHER MAKES THREE. The book went to Cryna, in Calgary. Congratulations, Cryna, the book is on its way.

Behind the door today is THE ORDINARY PRINCESS.

I'm always being asked where I get my ideas from and mostly it's a bit of this and bit of that. But with this one there's no doubt. Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck -- ROMAN HOLIDAY.

Of course there's a twist. In this story it's the heroine who's telling the prince he needs a break from royal duties. Of course she has An Ulterior Motive. You just know it's all going to end in tears.

For a chance to win the book and find out what happens, send me an email at liz with Day Eleven in the subject line, your name and address in the body of the text and oh, the name of the other actor in Roman Holiday, Gregory Peck's partner in deception.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, December 09, 2007



10th December

I am Zahir al Khalid and Liz has asked me to reassure you that Diana is safe. She is! I swear it!

Look, I know what you're all thinking. That I'm some kind of unresconstructed nineteenth century throwback who's kidnapped Diana and carried her off and installed her as part of my hareem.

Oh, please. That word. Peel your eyebrows off the ceiling...

I'd stay and give you a language lesson, but I don't have time. I'm in London to launch my new airline. Diana and I... Well, I have to go home and choose a suitable bride. As for Diana, she's made it clear that she has her own life. Which is good. I'm happy for her. Really... And she'll be home as soon as all the fuss has died down. On my honour.

Since she's busy Liz has also asked me to draw the winner of the Day Eight question. The answer was The Temp & the Tycoon -- it's right there on the sidebar of the blog, except apparently the picture has disappeared for some unaccountable reason -- and it was Christy, in Utah, whose name I drew from the hat. Congratulations, Christy. Liz will post the book first thing on Monday morning.

Behind Day Ten in this Advent Calendar I have found this book.

WILD JUSTICE, Liz tells me was the first book of three longer books about the Beaumont sisters. There was supposed to be only one, but her publisher liked Fizz's story so much she asked her to write stories about her sisters, too (WILD LADY and WILD FIRE). This, apparently is Liz's last spare copy of all three volumes and she's offering it to you.

She's asked me to set the question and so I'll ask you this. Liz tells me that she has written two previous novels with a sheikh as the hero. I would like you to tell me what they are called.

Please send your answer to liz with Day Ten in the subject line and your name and address in the body. And if you'd like to receive the first chapter of my own story, tell Liz and she'll email it to you.

Now, if you will forgive me, I have a press conference to attend.

Saturday, December 08, 2007



9th December

Ack, it’s the weekend and there’s no one around but me to tell you what happening today! (The picture is a clue to the whereabouts of the missing Diana, btw!)

It’ll have to be brief, I’m still working on a book that is turning out to be the biggest “pineapple” in the world. Two chapters to go and not an ending in sight…

Anyway, the winner of the book behind the 7th December door in the Advent Calendar, A NANNY FOR KEEPS, is Joanne from Lincoln. The book is on it’s way, Joanne. I do hope you enjoy it.

Today the book behind the door is AND MOTHER MAKES THREE. This has a special place in my heart as it was the first of my books to be released retail in the US. Until then they'd only be available to subscribers to the Book Club. And it received a Gold Medal review from Romantic Times. Pretty much perfect, in fact.

I was inspired to write this by something my mother said when she was godmother to a little girl called Lisa. She already had older sisters called Linda and Lesley and my mother shook her head and said "That'll cause trouble when they're older..." All those Miss L .... Of course in those days mail came through the letterbox -- as it still did when I wrote the book.

For a chance to win this book just send me an email at liz, with Day Nine in the subject line and your name and address in the body. No question today -- it's Sunday, the day of rest -- but if you haven't already received the first chapter of Diana's story, just say, and I'll send you that as a little taster.

Friday, December 07, 2007



8th December

Hi, I'm Sadie Redford, Diana's boss. Diana can't be here today so I've posted this picture one of the kids drew of her driving the minibus.

She actually likes driving the minibus. Enjoys the kids on the school run, even if they are a bit of handful. Loves taking families to the airport and waving them off on their holidays.

That is probably a good thing...

In the meantime, I can tell you that Liz has drawn a winner for Day 6 of the Advent Calendar Competition and Sue, in Canada, has won the copy of INSTANT FIRE. It's the edition with the hot purple cover and it'll be on it way just as soon as the cellotape turns up.

So, what now? I open this door here? Oh, right!

A POINT OF PRIDE. So what's that all about? On the back is says that Casey O'Connor and Gil Blake had a thing going a while back, but he was just chalking up the boss's daughter, as what? A bet? And now he's back and in charge. That sounds like trouble.

When I was sixteen I tried throwing myself at one my dad's drivers -- well, I was pretty miserable at the time and as a way of getting at your dad, it can't be beat. Can you believe it, the wretched man said no? He was hot, too. That was a low point...

Anyway, enough of that. Here's the deal. To win this copy of A POINT OF PRIDE, send an email to liz, with Day Eight in the subject line, your name and address in the body of mail and the title of Liz's retro edition reprint (with the cover style exactly like A Point of Pride) being published as part of Mills & Boon 100th Anniversary in 2008. It's on her blog.

Oh, and for those of you who don't just read, but have writing ambitions of your own, Liz has also asked me to post a notice about another great competition, being run by Harlequin Presents. Here it is!


A brand new writing competition from the world’s best-selling romance series is about to hit the blogosphere!

It’s an exciting time for Harlequin Presents: from January 2008, there will be 12 of our intensely passionate romances available every month. And with this increase of titles comes a great opportunity for aspiring authors – we will be looking to buy more books for publication!

The old saying goes that first impressions are lasting impressions – and when it comes to reading a Harlequin Presents, that certainly holds true. If the first chapter doesn’t immediately grip the reader with its pace, passion and intensity, then she won’t continue to turn the pages.

So Presents is inviting unpublished writers to show us how they can grab the attention of our readership with first chapters that really sizzle. The INSTANT SEDUCTION competition offers prizes that are chances of a lifetime for the lucky winner and runners-up:
*First prize – win yourself an editor for a year!
*Two runners-up will be given editorial critiques of their first chapter entries and also a personal telephone consultation about their writing!

Visit the blogsite for full details of the competition – and the chance to prepare for publication with an exclusive series of writing tutorials prepared by the editorial team at Harlequin Presents, including advice on First Chapters, How to Write a Synopsis, Loving the Alpha Male and Generating Emotional Conflict.

Entries for the competition will be accepted as on-line submissions only from 1st January until 14th February 2008.

Entries should comprise of the first chapter and a synopsis of a previously unpublished/unsubmitted novel aimed at Harlequin Presents.

Address for entries:

Thursday, December 06, 2007



7th December

You all think Sheikh Zahir is hot...

You are so right. He’s hotter than bird’s eye chillies. And funny, too. And oceans deep. And last night… Well, last night I realised that I’ve got to stop this right now. Whatever this is.

Best chauffeur uniform. Hat on straight. No more talking. Or anything else. I might be the nearest thing to Cinderella that Sheikh Zahir has ever met, but there are no fairy godmothers going to fix this one for me. I’m a mother. I have responsibilities. It’s making a life for Freddy that’s important and I need this job.

Right. So where was I?

Day Five. You all got Sophie Harrington as the heroine of A SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL and congratulations go to Therese, whose name came out of the hat. Your prize, THE BEST MAN & THE BRIDESMAID is on its way to you in Australia, Therese; have fun with the ducky Daisy and the totally gorgeous Robert.

And now it’s time to open the door to Day Seven. Here we go and it’s -- A NANNY FOR KEEPS.

Ah, now, this book is a good old-fashioned fairy story. Jacqui Moore is on the run from the job she loves. She can’t bear the thought of getting close to another child only to lose that love in the space of a heartbeat. But she’s conned into doing one last “universal aunt” run for her friend's nanny agency, delivering Maisie to her grandma on her way to the airport.

The child is a total princess, the grandmother is not there and, having climbed the big nasty hill in her precious, but aged, “Beetle”, Jacqui finds herself faced with the magnificent, scarred (and scary) local giant, Harry Talbot.

Here’s a little quote from the front of the book:

“He was beautiful. Lean to the bone, hard , sculptured, his was the kind of body artists used for their life classes.

“Which made the scars lacerating his back, scars which he hadn’t moved quickly enough to hide from her, all the more terrible.

“Without thinking, she reached out as if to touch him, take the pain into her own body.”

Mmmm… Liz said, “Jack & the Beanstalk”. I’m thinking maybe “Beauty & the Beast”.

For a chance to win the book and make up your own mind about that, email Liz at liz with Day Seven in the subject line, your name and address in the body and the answer to today’s question, which is: Which fellow "Harlequin Romance" author designed and maintains Liz's website? You'll find the answer here.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007



6th December

Liz insisted that you’re all dying to know what Sheikh Zahir looks like; that I can’t be greedy and keep him to myself.

Actually, what she really said is that you only come here to ogle pictures of good looking men. I can’t believe that’s true. Honestly.

Oh, go on then!

How Liz managed to get a photograph of Sheikh Zahir I have no idea -- and she's not telling -- but if she thinks she’s getting back, she can think again. I’ve got a little memory box where this is going be right at home.

It doesn’t mean anything, of course, but…

But enough with the drooling. I’m here to keep you posted on the latest happenings in the Advent Calendar draw.

Amanda Edmond’s name was drawn as the lucky winner of HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE. She’s living on her own paradise island out in the middle of the Indian Ocean -- I wonder how long the post takes to get there?

Not won yet? Do not worry – there are still twenty days, and twenty books, to go. Plenty of time. And today, behind the little door is INSTANT FIRE.

Oh, whew. Fanning myself here. Did I mention how, back in the days when all the covers were different colours, you could tell just how steamy a book was by the colour?

Well, in the UK, this book had a purple cover. This, I have to tell you, is the book that wasn’t released in Australia because it was too steamy for “Romance”.

Joanne, whose story this is, is a civil engineer. Clay Thackeray is a dangerously good looking entrepreneur and the question Jo needs to ask herself is this. Does he want her for herself? Or is it the attraction that nice parcel of shares her father left her? Somehow, when he’s kissing her, it doesn’t seem to matter, but you know what they say? Marry in haste…

If you want to find out what Clay really wants – and whether he gets it -- then email Liz at liz, with Day Six in the subject line, your name and address in the body and the answer to today’s question. What is the name of The Trojan Hamster? The answer’s on her website!